Tuesday, May 18, 2010

[not] training

Hello folks!

It's time for that old refrain "I've not written here in a long while so it's about time I made something up."

It's getting on for two months since I was able to run. I finally made it to a Physio who confirmed my investigations into the possible causes of the pain I have - the dreaded Sesamoid bone - and surprised me with some off-the-cuff acupuncture and a bit of ultra sound. She then requested that I continue to not run and come back and see her in a weeks time (now the 26th of May), so I oblige and have upped my cycling / weight lifting quota.

Biking is becoming fun after a wee while of re-adjustment, and the lifting is paying dividends. I'm managing to control my bodyweight with an admixture of Matt Fitzgerald, Cutters Choice and some obsessive calorie counting, but this Lithuanian beer is quite compelling. 5.2% at two in the afternoon, with a roll up in me pocket and We Jam Econo on the TV.


I got bit by a dog this morning. That was fun. I'd just begun an hours speed play on the bike when I felt teeth on my shin. A quick unclip and, for once, my angry boot caught the mutts head. I confronted the owner about it who cowered almost as much as the dog. I wondered aloud and at volume whether the parent of a bike riding child would be so forgiving in my place and told her to consider some training. For the dog you understand.

Friars Balsam. Stings like a bee...

Gruel are playing the 1in12 next weekend, with Bong, Drunk In Hell and an Irish band called Drainland so if you find yourself in Bradford with an urge to rock out with yr pecker firmly in yr trousers then get along, lil doggy. They don't bite. I'm gonna try to go but it's a long way from here to there and I am brassic as per usual.

Ok, i'm off. TTFN!