Monday, June 21, 2010

[i desperately need a] short break!

I have the chance to take a short break this coming weekend but I'm short of ideas. I want to go somewhere to ride my bike - off road, trails, single track, &c - but it has to be somewhere that I can get to by train with the bike.

Needs a camp-site. Needs to be off the beaten track. Needs to be massive in terms of funn.

So far I have come up with Afan, down in South Wales, as it is relatively close and probably ticks all the boxes, although I don't know if it's that accessible by train. Still I can cycle a certain distance in a day. Mid Wales would be better I think but that's a tad more difficult to reach.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.




  1. Hi Si,
    A suggestion from my other half is Dovedale, or the Brecon's. I don't know either well tbh, but there's got to be some off-road hi jinks to be had. Could be worth sticking a post on the fellrunner's forum and seeing what pops up.


  2. afan is a good bet. get the train to newport, you could even ride over from cwmcarn. ...depends if you want trail centre stuff. what about a weekend of bike bivvying? could you ride from home? or get the train and ride back. or even head for the lakes. train to windermere, ride over to kentmere. mmmm, i'm giving myself ideas now!

  3. Kate

    lots to think about - I think it's gonna be 5 days around Afan. I will have to tote a rucksack for my tent, which is a pain but, it's gotta be done.

    Bike bivvying sounds like funn, especially as the weather is gonna be steady (touch wood), but I think setting up camp at Ynyscorrwg is the key to the whole venture. Get in, tent up, ride on!

    Didn't think about getting off at Newport either - I was gonna take the train to Port Talbot - so I'll have to check that option.

    Riding home is also something I have thought about, but it depends on the size of the rucksack. The Brecons to Worcester is do-able.

    we shall brakes went all squishy this week but they seem to have recovered after being zip tied over night...