Saturday, February 20, 2010

A quick hello and a whatever you say!

I've been thinking about doing a fanzine for a while now, having done a few in the past, but to be frank I really don't have the inclination to do it justice. Which is a shame but such is life. So I guess a blog might satisfy my need to spiel and make sitting in front of this screen a little more...productive.


The general idea is to incorporate a fair few different things. I'll learn as I go along (if I go along!) and it will either develop or crash. 2010 is the year of the race for me. I'm a runner who has always had aspirations towards running on the fells. I never managed to do any races when I lived in West Yorkshire and the last few months has seen this ambition rear its head, and open its all consuming maw, once again, now that I live in the West Midlands. 2010 will see me running a few races, none of which are over 10 miles in length but all contain a great deal of elevation, certainly for a novice such as myself. High point for this year will be at the Brecon Fans Race weekend in July, with 2200' feet of 'up'. You gotta love it.

I'll probably keep a journal of training here too, although I'll try to keep the trivia out and the quality training to the fore, assuming I don't get injured, or have a horrendous change of mind and take up my subscription to the dark side again. That'll be the fags. And the booze. And the rest.

So running and mountain biking takes up most of my training time, along with free weights and hill walking.

I might put up some book reviews here, as that's definitely something that I enjoy doing. Maybe some music, some chit chat ladida, etc. etc., and general blogage. Interviews maybe...

There you have it - the why and the wherefore and the what ever you say!

Until next time

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