Thursday, April 15, 2010

it comes as no surprise to be taken by surprise!

flipside magazine Vol 1 Spring 2010

Who'd a thunk it? flipside returns from oblivion for another stab at oblivion. I was a bit too young to ride the boat that was but I remember getting the odd copy here and there - I especially remember the OPIV cover and interview. I don't have it to hand, having 'recycled' all my old MRRs and large mags (all sorts got the heave ho when I finally discovered that most newsagent magazines are a rip-off - climbing mags, High Mountain Trail, copies of the awful Trail magazine  - highly liberating!) but i'm sure it was a tour account. Also lots of chaotic gig photos which were always really inspiring to us trying to work out what hardcore punk had become by 1990.

No idea about the rest of the mag - all that tiny type face has blurred into one. Anyway I have yet to read the pdf above and have to what the heck is going on.

Still off running. Race is definately not a go for me at the weekend. Bummer but plans are afoot.

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