Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[not] training

I finally got to see a locum about my foot, and as it happens she is also a runner. Cue sympathy for the, ahem, habit based nature of my affliction. I'm off for an Xray (what ever became of  The X-rays? Great gnarly garage punk band from the North) today and I have a phone number for a physiotherapist to call later this morning.

The Doc and I talked about all sorts of things, which was refreshing. I think she probably had few appointments booked for her evening surgeries. So not only did I walk away with my foot felt and some referral papers but careers advice, benefits opportunities, a potted history of a med students time in A+E and the practise of  'thinking outside the box' with regard to employment.

 Plenty of people my age (on the doorstep of the big four-oh) retrain and change their lives. Helene Diamantides springs to mind. If memory serves me right, didn't she re-train later in life and become a succesful physiotherapist? It's all stacked against me but that is nothing new...


  1. X-ray Spex from back in the day brings back memories.........ho hum.

    I'm sure the foot will get sorted and your calling will, well...come calling! Undergoing a career change myself - got do be done, we're only here once!


  2. oh bondage up yours! ha, yeah - great band. Little bit before my generation but Germ free adolescents is a grand record.

    No fracture in my foot, which is great news, so just waiting for the physio appointment in early May. I've decided not to run until the 17th of May anyway, just to make sure I don't get any ideas about entering a certain fell race near Brecon on the 16th.

    What kind of change are you looking at Paul? Aren't you a full time navigator? I would have thought that was a nigh perfect job...

  3. Ha, wish I was! No, I'm a teacher at the moment but plans are afoot to get out before it's too late - luckily the navigation business seems to be picking up.

    It's a nightmare not running but a couple of weeks rest should see your foot sorted!