Monday, April 05, 2010

whiz - bang - whimper

Ok, finally managed to sort out a regular connection (no, not that kind of connection) and bring the old man's laptop into the 21st century, so I can get back to the same old same old.

Only three weeks to the Magnificent Eastnor 7 race and my sesamoid bones are gyppy. Today i'm going out for my first run for a week or so. Apparently the only real issue with sesamoid bone gyp is the chronic pain. For that the devil gave us anti inflammatory drugs, and I think I'm gonna pop and see the doc this week, see what he says. Other temporary solutions include sillicone pads, cutting up your footbed, alternative lacing techniques and strapping your toes together, RICE-ing, splicing and dicing, and hot and cold therapy.

I shall try all of that then.

Today - five miles of fartlek in a wood near Pershore. No heart rate monitor, no structure, just running around in the woods.Gotta ditch this chocolate waistband that an enforced lay off has sponsored.

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