Monday, March 01, 2010


I really need to work on my hill legs. I live in a suburban nightmare and there is greenbelt all around but it has to be said that the state of the countryside footpaths and bridleways leaves a lot to be desired, either being unkempt and overgrown or heavily churned by horse and rider. Consequently, a lot of running has been done on roads in the last six months.

This sucks. Road work leaves you open to all sorts of injury problems - from shin splints to full on road traffic collisions.

So I made my way over to Malvern for a 12 mile long slow distance run. A storm was forecast but never materialized. The wind was blowing into my face for the second half and it was a cold one. My route would take me across the tops from North Quarry car park, over the Worcestershire Beacon (425m) and down to The Cut. From there it was back up to Perseverance Hill (325m), across Third's Land (327m), Pinnacle Hill ((357m). Over the two Black Hills (308m & 270m) and down to Wynds point (236m). Back up to the Herefordshire Beacon (338m), to the turning point at Clutter's Cave. I returned along the same route, throwing Millennium Hill (292m) into the mix.

If I can be bothered I'll work out the total ascent but, in case you don't know, the Malvern range is a wide, rolling ridge-line. The main ascents are really at both ends, in North Malvern at End Hill and at the Hereford road in the south at Midsummer's Hill. Along the range it is a case of dropping down to high saddles between prominent tops. Some of the uphills are steep, such as the climb up Pinnacle Hill, and long - the pull up to the Worcestershire Beacon from Upper Wyche Cutting.

Regular use of the hills reduces the challenge significantly

Time spent OTH was 2 hours and 23 minutes, and incurred a pain penalty of 5 ragged blisters.

Must remember to wear socks next time. Doh...


  1. Sounds like cracking sesh on the Malverns. Road running is silly - used to do a bit to 'mix it up' but it nearly broke my legs. I'm occasionally up in Kidderminster so I may take my kit next time an go for a trot.
    Take care,

  2. Cool - let us know if you ever want some one to run with over there. It's always god to run with somebody!

    all the best


  3. Will do. Like the sound of Perseverance Hill