Sunday, March 21, 2010


What is it with these early morning Sunday runs? They are the best. I got out this morning by 0645 and started off along the River bank. The sun was coming up red above the houses and by the time I got to the river side it had begun to stream through the thick mist, casting long beams into the meadow behind the church at Kempsey. I ain't religious, and I don't do deism either, but that was a moment in which to pause.

Couldn't pause though, cuz the metronome was going tick tick tick and I had 10 miles to run. Running to a click track is nice - it puts you right on the savannah with the tribe - and you can hear the birds and the sheep. Unlike running with music, which of course has it's place.

Talking of metronome I woke up to find that Nomeansno have shared, on-line, the demo versions of some of the songs that never made it onto the '0+2=1' album, way back at the dawn of time. Such a lovely bunch of OAPs. I suggest that you do your best to get a hold of that record, and everything they did prior to that and then up to and including 'Why Do They Call Me Mr Happy?'


  1. Sounds a nice run. Currently trying to shake a hangover I started work on during the rugby.

  2. ah - hangovers. I'm sure I'm due one of those in the not too distant future.

  3. Thats what sundays were invented for