Sunday, March 14, 2010


A short LSD this morning - 7 miles in the sunshine along the banks of the river Severn. Nice views over the river to Malvern, the water still and glassy, furry white buds on the trees, birds scattering before me, a few dog walkers and sheep on the opposite bank.

Sometimes it's as if all is well in the world.


  1. Love winter running, especially with snow on the ground, but there's nothing like the spring to lift spirits. Can't beat getting out and running just for the sake of it either - no watch, no targets, no idea where I'm going :-)

    What's LSD? (apart from the interesting halucinogenic)


  2. Couldn't agree more, and this winter has felt very long again.

    LSD is an acronym that stands for Long Slow Distance. It's a little different to Magic Mushroom Running!


  3. Sounds like a nice run Si. I'm going to adopt that acronym!